The Little Mermaid premiere in Fredericia

Ariels Grotto backdrop

From Fredericia Theater's production of Disney's The Little Mermaid
Fredericia Teaters produktion af Disneys Den Lille Havfrue

Concept sketch of Ursula's lair for The little Mermaid musical

Fredericia Theater's production of Disney's The little Mermaid.
Fredericia Teaters produktion af Disney´s Den lille Havfrue.

Timelapse of the LED screens being build in The Royal Opera house

check out the huge screens being put together for the the mermaid musical.
Fredericia Teaters produktion af Disney´s Den Lille Havfrue musical 

Working hard on the visuals and digital set design for "The Little Mermaid"

There is a bit quiet on my blog these days because I am busy working on the visuals for the Disney musical "the little mermaid" ("den lille havfrue") produced by Fredericia Theater. I look forward to showing you my work!

The Stitch

The Stitch film is now online!

Here are some of my backgrounds from the film:

And here are some photos of the process and early concepts:

 The multi generation house in three steps from first concept to final look:

The film is directed by Anne sofie von der Pahlen and Julie Reinau
Producer Rie Nymand
Character design Drude Mangaard
Storyboard Ercan Bozdogan

Rosas julebal

I had the pleasure of doing the digital set design for Nørrebro Theater's "Rosas Julebal" which is playing until the 22nd of december in Copenhagen. These are some of the designs and animations I made for the LED screen. 

It is a really nice and funny show and it got great reviews , you can still get tickets here :)

All photos belongs to Nørrebro Teater

Julenat i Betlehem

Last december I illustrated a book by Anders Jacobsen called "Julenat i Betlehem"(christmas night in Betlehem). It is out now so I am allowed to show you the illustrations. To see all the drawings go to my behance profile here. Merry christmas! 

The Stitch

These days I´m art directing a 5 min informercial about " the multi generation house". The two architects Sophie Pahlen and Julie Reinau have come up with a concept for a new way of living and we are a small team working on making a film about the house. It´s totally old school cut out backgrounds and animation all the way through. This is our very first test of the characters and the environment together.

If you want to see more you can follow the production blog here:

Animator: Rie Nymand
Character designer: Drude Manngård


Here are a few examples of my LED backdrops for Fredericia Theater´s new musical "Esaura". On this project I worked with the very talented Martín Sand Vallespir. Check out his blog here:

Link to the project on Behance here.

Little Gif Mermaid

I found out how to make gif´s in photoshop! 

This little mermaid was a rough concept for a client. They chose not to use this version so I used it to experiment with gif´s in photoshop. The animation is a quick rough animation done in TV paint...and then some psunami lovin in After effects.